• Mr. Lube
  • Canada
  • Jan 23, 2021
Full time Administration Customer Service General Management Service Department

Job Description

Getting a good job means finding a good employer. At Mr. Lube, we’re leaders in the market, not just because our customers love us. It’s also because of the fun, family-like environment that our employees experience working in a Mr. Lube store.

We believe that happy employees make happy customers. That’s why we work hard to keep all of our staff motivated and excited by the jobs they do. We understand that a strong team makes a strong business, so it’s no accident that our technicians are the best trained anywhere in the industry.

At Mr. Lube, we offer not just a job, but an opportunity to learn, grow and have fun. We promise to make your experience as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible.

We’re sure that if you know what’s included in working for Mr. Lube, you’ll be knocking down our door asking to sign up. That’s why we’ve put together information that will help you to understand the nuts and bolts of working in one of our stores.

First things first--Mr. Lube is known across Canada for our outstanding customer service. That’s because all of our staff go out of their way to provide each customer with a great experience. To help you with this, we’ll give you thorough customer care training.

Day-to-day, the actual services that you will be performing on customer’s vehicles are:

  • Providing oil and filter changes
  • Replacing all the vital fluids of a car, including coolant fluid, transmission fluid, and transfer case fluid
  • Doing quick replacements of parts under the hood, including air filter replacements, headlights and taillights, wiper blades and fan belts
  • Providing performance enhancers to ensure that vehicles run smoothly, including engine stop leak, oil treatment, valve cleaner, and diesel injector cleaner
  • Completing courtesy checks on every vehicle, including topping up fluid levels, cleaning windows and checking tire pressure

And if you’re thinking you haven’t a clue how to do some, or all, of these things – that’s not a problem. We will supply you with comprehensive training that teaches you to be an expert in all that we do. And the best bit is: we’ll actually pay you while you’re being trained. Instead of having to fork out expensive fees to learn a new career, you’ll start earning money straight away.

Put yourself in a good position to start climbing our corporate ladder. After all, the sooner you join the Mr. Lube team, the sooner you can get your next promotion.