Bruce Auto Group

Bruce Auto Group is not only a family owned business -- it is a family oriented business. Like family members, we take care of our own and empower each other to become the best version of ourselves. This family bond is the foundation of our core values:

  • Trust – Only with trusting relationships can we expect to deliver the level of service we wish to accomplish. We rely on our employees and they rely on us; it is a two-way street

  • Integrity – We remain honest, true to ourselves and respectful of others

  • Innovation – We strive to be adventurous, innovative, creative and even bold. We challenge the status quo and pave our own way toward excellence.

  • Synergy – We may be good as individuals, but we are great as a team. Collaboration and teamwork is at the core of the Bruce Experience

  • Fun – Enjoy yourself and be proud of your work and accomplishments

These values have led us to tremendous success over the years. If you believe in our business values and want to contribute to this success, we want to hear from you.