Zanchin Auto Group

The Zanchin Auto Group has been in the automotive scene for over 40 years and has established themselves as a successful, powerful auto group.

Founded in 1973 by Joe Zanchin, the Zanchin powerhouse all began with a single Honda store (Number 7 Honda) in Woodbridge, Ontario. Jump forward to today and the Zanchin Auto Group now boasts over 30 locations and 15 brands.
It's not often that you come across a close-knit company with values that extend from the top down to ensure that all employees and customers are met with a friendly and welcoming environment, but with Zanchin, that's what they're all about.
They want to move you; both physically and emotionally by providing you with top-quality service, a wide selection of automobile dealerships, a huge inventory of both new and used vehicles, and of course satisfaction.
Experience "The Power to Move You" by visiting a dealership that is part of the most successful automotive groups in Canada - The Zanchin Auto Group.