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September 4, 2019 Halifax Nova Scotia   Kim Day  President of Steele Auto Group  announced a "come home" campaign to attract those interested in a career in the auto industry in Atlantic Canada.  Said Day, "we have exciting career opportunities for those who may have left the region to start their career or those who are looking to enjoy the awesome lifestyle found here in Atlantic Canada. We're growing, we believe in advancing careers inside the group and today we are announcing financial assistance to those outside the region to come back to Atlantic Canada and for those inside the region to relocate to their province of choice. Steele Auto will, based on the role, contribute up to $7,500 relocation assistance for those outside the region and up to $2,500 for those relocating within Atlantic Canada. We are also in discussions with organizations in all 4 Provinces, including provincial governments, and they have programs and support services to assist in our HR recruitment efforts." Ruth Meagher,  Director of HR , added, "we have an immediate need for 59 posts, 70 positions and a near term need for 100+. We feel that the time is right to encourage those from away to come back home. There are terrific immediate positions, terrific career advancement and mobility options and of course there's the benefits offered by living in Atlantic Canada with vibrant economies, affordable housing and the beauty of our geography. We're growing and our need isn't going away - if you are looking to make a change please check out our careers page or if this has planted a seed for the future follow us on social media or our website to monitor the openings. We also really want to stress that we welcome and encourage diversity on our team - we're super proud to share that in a historically male dominated industry 23% of our 2100 team members are women including 50% of our Executive Leadership team". Colin Jamieson,  General Manager of Steele Chevrolet  added, "this is a terrific organization to work for - the culture, the people, the opportunities - quite frankly Steele Auto Group has the ability to change the lives and the path of our team members. There's a reason Steele Auto has been the recipient of the Platinum Award for Canada's Best Managed Companies". Source:
As Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida Sunday morning, Porsche West Broward located near Miami took no chances, miraculously packing its complete inventory of over 300 cars worth millions of dollars into its showroom space. It’s actually very impressive to see just how much room there really is in those showrooms once you push all of the random plants and chairs out of the way, as evidenced by videos uploaded to Porsche West Broward’s YouTube page showing how the dealership has prepared itself for the imminent category four storm. As you can see, they’ve loaded every floor of the place bumper to bumper, wall to wall with millions of dollars of Porsches, even double stacking the lifts in the service bay to help accommodate their full inventory. CNN has reported that Irma made landfall this morning sustaining 130 mph winds, and the latest projections see the storm passing over the western side of the Florida peninsula. Still, a storm this big stretches wide, so the Miami area will still be affected. The visuals from the Porsche videos are impressive, but when you have to protect the entire inventory, things are going to get a little tight. Still, the cars are nothing compared to the potentially catastrophic damage Irma threatens to the vital infrastructure of Florida and its people, so here’s hoping everyone heeded warnings and has evacuated or properly prepared. Stay safe out there.
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